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About Our Shuttle Bus Fleet

At SJL Transportation, we service everyone from business executives to tourists on a daily basis. Whether you’re traveling to a ball game at a nearby stadium or to a business meeting at a high-end restaurant, you need transportation you can rely on. Your personal vehicle might not be able to handle a large group. Rising prices and limited space put taxi services out of the question. What you and your group need is a shuttle bus!

SJL Transportation’s custom fleet is designed to handle groups. Each vehicle in our fleet is thoroughly cleaned and well-maintained, and operates efficiently. Our experienced mechanics ensure that our shuttle buses never break down on the job. We understand the importance of reliable transportation. We work with church groups, tour charters, commuters, disabled individuals, sports teams, and more. So many people rely on SJL Transportation, and we promise not to let any of them down.

All our shuttle buses feature clean interiors and high-functioning engines. They receive regular maintenance care to ensure safe and reliable operation. Each day, our shuttles undergo a full interior and exterior cleaning, as well as an inspection. Furthermore, we adhere to all manufacturer’s recommended schedules and replace our vehicles on a regular basis. We know that vehicles can become unreliable as a result of heavy use. Old models are constantly being switched out for new models at SJL Transportation. Your safety and comfort are our priorities.

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If you need an affordable, reliable, and safe ride, contact SJL Transportation! Check out the fleet of shuttle buses at SJL Transportation, or give us a call  at 817-658-4293 to rent the bus of your choosing.

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